Pre-K Program

Pre-K Program

4-year-olds are amazing! They begin to develop a sense of humor, and love being silly and making people laugh. They start to understand that other people have feelings too, and develop their sense of empathy and cooperation. They test boundaries and begin to understand consequences to their actions. They like to socialize and may even have imaginary friends – as they use play to explore their feelings. The language blossoms, and they tell stories and have conversations; they share their ideas, ask questions and talk in more complex sentences. Their self-help skills are refined, along with a sense of responsibility to their environment. Their academic skills sharpen, with pre-reading skills, and mathematical thinking skills getting stronger.

Within our carefully designed structure, our Pre- K program provides our children  with the freedom and independence to explore learning.  We have a variety of learning centers in the classroom, and a combination of teacher-directed and self-directed activities. Our “free” writing center and language-rich environment lays a rich foundation for reading readiness (which includes both Hebrew and English alphabet), associating letter-sound correspondences, and “sight reading” names and words, and creating words through emergent spelling. The children explore the many languages of expression in our music and art centers.

Students are presented with provocations that increase their knowledge of number and spatial concepts including sorting and counting, graphing, size, and measurement. Science exploration, and STEM lessons help children learn key skills including problem solving, creativity, teamwork, and independent thinking.

Regular  communication with our parent body includes  weekly blogs with text and photographs; bi-annual parent conferences; and a portfolio created over the course of the year, showcasing your child’s growth in all aspects of development.

4 years (by September 1st)


9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Maximum teacher-to-child ratio is 1:6