Our goal at Alef Preschool is for the children to maximize their potential across the full spectrum of development -  social/emotional, intellectual and spiritual - providing them with a strong foundation upon which to build their lives. 

Our methodology is shaped by the shared values of Judaism, and constructivist approaches to early childhood including Reggio Emilia, Montessori and Waldorf. 

Each child is seen as an individual, with a unique learning and bonding style. We “educate a child according to his way,” as King Solomon describes in the Book of Proverbs, meeting our goal of   “even when he grows old, he will not depart from  it.”

Core Values

Values are interwoven into every aspect of the day and form the basis of our dynamic and energetic program. These deep and empowering messages  are infused into the learning, and modeled by the teachers. At Alef Preschool, there are a multitude of values, here are our top ten. 


At Alef Preschool we know that each child is an entire world and has deep reservoirs of competency, capability, and personality; the soul of each child is a spark of the Divine within.


Alef Preschool is a nurturing, safe, and loving place where connection between everyone is apparent, from the moment one steps onto school grounds, and children are happy among each other.


At Alef Preschool, the learning is relevant, allowing the children to authentically experience the knowledge, to make connections, ask questions, and draw conclusions; thus  understanding what it is to have purpose, and acquiring life skills to go after it- a truly successful adult. 


Alef Preschool ensures clearly communicated and safe boundaries in both behavior and classroom spaces, and is kept clean and organized. 


There is a difference between hearing and listening. At Alef Preschool, there is respect, real listening, open display of kindness, and growth.


As the People of the Book, Alef Preschool values intellectual rigor, and active learning.


Self-reflectiveness with an eye towards growth is why Alef Preschool provides documentation; the learner deserves to see their growth and appreciate the process, not just the product.


At Alef Preschool, children learn to take healthy risks, with tenacity and resilience, and to dig deeper as they pursue challenges.


Every moment of the day at Alef Preschool is perceived as a teaching moment and is treated with intention, because education occurs not only as part of the class curriculum but through any experience that has a formative effect on the way the child thinks, feels or behaves. 

Sense of Humor:

At Alef Preschool, embracing spontaneity and sharing and enjoying others’ sense of humor, allows for a calm, flexible environment and diffuses rigidity.